Sunday, November 16, 2003

Barry Sanders says he quit NFL out of frustration, exhaustion
WICHITA, Kan. (AP) -- Former All-Pro running back Barry Sanders says he quit the NFL because he was exhausted and frustrated because the Detroit Lions' front office did not seem willing to build a winning team. His retirement shocked the sports world because he was only 31 and on the verge of breaking Walter Payton's all-time NFL rushing record.

The realization that management no longer cared about winning ``slammed me harder than any linebacker had ever hit me in my entire career,'' Sanders writes. ``That realization trivialized everything I did during the off-season to prepare myself. It trivialized everything I dreamed about from the time I was a kid in Wichita ...''

I loved watching that man play football. He was magic. I'm sorry that he had to play for the Lions; if he had played anywhere else he would have put the rushing records well out of reach. We destroyed the spirit of what could have been the best running back ever , and for that the Lions should be mighty ashamed of themselves.