Saturday, November 22, 2003

Yahoo! News - N.Korea Berates Rumsfeld as Worse Than Hitler
The official KCNA news agency also said Rumsfeld's criticism of North Korea this week -- he called it an evil regime -- made Pyongyang doubt the prospects of talks to resolve the North's nuclear crisis.

"It is nothing surprising that Rumsfeld talked such nonsense as he put Hitler into the shade in man-killing and war hysteria. But we can never pardon him for malignantly slandering our dignified and inviolable political system whether he is a political dwarf, human scum or hysteric," the agency said.

"If his vituperation represents the stance of the Bush administration, it can not but cast a doubt about the prospect of the six-way talks," it said.

Way to go Don. Let's piss off the people with the nukes. Brilliant.