Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Democrats air their own ads on Amway


The MDP finally has the ad up- go watch it here.

The state Democratic Party today launched a television commercial hammering Republican gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos for his record as president of Amway.

The ad comes days after the company unveiled image-burnishing commercials of its own to counter the criticism it has faced as DeVos seeks the state's highest office.

The 30-second Democratic spot, airing statewide, claims that as president of Amway Corp., now Alticor Inc., DeVos laid off 1,400 workers and invested $200 million in China. DeVos served as president of the company, co-founded by his father, Rich DeVos, from 1992 to 2002.

By contrast, the ad claims, Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm traveled to Asia to bring $200 million in investment back to Michigan.

"(DeVos) talks about being a successful businessman. That is the mantra we've heard for almost a year and a half," said Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Mark Brewer, who planned a press conference today in front of Alticor headquarters in Ada announcing the ad. "We believe he's part of the problem of outsourcing, not the solution."

Rob Zeiger, director of corporate communications for Alticor, said the ad uses "clever, lawyered-up wording to create a thoroughly false impression of our company's actions and our impact."

"They ground up some facts and mixed in some fiction," Zeiger said. "That's how Grandma made baloney."

The people at Alticor/Amway know all about baloney- after all, they are getting sued yet again in federal court for their devious business practices. You got a problem with that?

Back to the ad- it's to the point and nicely balanced. My only complaint is that it is too much like the previous ones- if people think it is the same ad they saw before, they tend to tune out a bit.

Still- I'm so happy to finally see an ad telling people who this man really is and what he has done... more, please. There is so much more they need to know...

Brewer again charges the Amway ads are political.

Brewer charged that the Alticor commercials amount to campaign ads for DeVos.

Zeiger said his company's commercials aren't political and are simply designed to keep Alticor from becoming "collateral damage" in the fall election.

"If they were talking about Dick DeVos as a businessman and not dropping our name in at every chance, we would be silent," Zeiger said.

Well, if Dick didn't use daddy's company as proof of his "business experience", we wouldn't have to say anything, would we? I don't hear him talking about Windquest.

Dick plans an ad on the China issue- let's get this guy playing defense for a change.

Also today, the DeVos campaign planned to unveil another ad to "address the lies by Governor Jennifer M. Granholm about China."

Care to point out what those "lies" are? And, did Zeiger say that? (the Press isn't clear) Is he speaking for the campaign now? Doesn't that make his involvement political?

Dick is going to unleash the arsenal now- get ready, kids. It's going to be a long two months.