Wednesday, September 06, 2006

DeVos calls out the lawyers on the MDP ad

There shall not be any criticism of the would-be King.

Once upon a time, back in the cold, dark spring, Mark Brewer was threatened with arrest when he tried to hold a press conference in front of Dick's headquarters in Lansing.

Today, Dick has called the lawyers to try to stop the MDP from airing a television ad.

Does this behavior remind you of anyone else you know?

LANSING — Democrats released a new TV ad Wednesday criticizing Dick DeVos for laying off workers in Michigan and opening a new plant a China, but the Republican gubernatorial candidate said the ad is a lie.

The ad being aired by the state Democratic Party compares DeVos with Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm and says she traveled to Asia and brought home more than $200 million in new investments for Michigan. It says DeVos laid off 1,400 Michigan workers and then invested overseas.

"Two Plans. Two results. One huge difference," an announcer says in the ad.

The DeVos campaign quickly began airing a response ad, in which DeVos defends himself against what he says are negative attacks.

They had this ad ready to go, obviously. It was screened for reporters today, mere hours after the MDP ad was released.

I wonder how many others they have in the can- there are a lot of things that Dick has done and people Dick has supported that would make for some fine political ads.

My idea was just to have a black screen with the words, "Dick DeVos. Republican."

That about says it all, don't you think?

"Our company never sent a single American job to China. Not one," DeVos says in his ad. He has argued he had to reduce jobs at the company headquarters in Ada as part of a restructuring to make the company more competitive, and that none of those cut were blue-collar workers.

We all know white collar workers are the ones who make too much money, anyway.

According to WZZM-13 in Grand Rapids, Dick has called out the lawyers and sent a letter to the station that requests they stop airing the ad.

Late this afternoon, attorneys for the DeVos campaign urged broadcasters to stop airing the Democratic ad.

WZZM 13 is now reviewing both the lawyer's letter, and the ad in question, before determining what if any action to take.

One wonders how Dick would handle disagreements if he were Governor. Apparently his first response in all situations of dissent is to try to silence his critics using the strong arm of the law.

Is that the kind of Michigan we want?