Tuesday, September 12, 2006

DeVos refuses WZZM interview because station continues to air MDP China ad

WZZM and Keith Baldi threw me a curve ball. I totally missed this story last week- I had become so used to 13 being slow and vapid that when they actually had something, I wasn't there.

The top link goes to the MDP, this link goes to the WZZM story on the web, and to get the real story you have to go to the video.

How sneaky is that. Here is the very last line of the video story-

"WZZM13 News requested an interview with Mr. DeVos this afternoon, his campaign manager said if we were pulling the ad he would be available, however, if we were not, they would not be inclined to change their schedule."

Everybody take a real good look at this behavior. Media, voters, legislators, business, everyone. There is a big clue here.

You do what Dick says, he becomes available. If not, you get cut off.

That the kind of "leader" you want? One who demands complete obedience from you, when in reality he is supposed to be working for you, and answering your concerns?

Bush-like arrogance. Right here in your backyard.

"Dick DeVos is so worried about his record of eliminating Michigan jobs and investing $200 million in China that he has resorted to trying to intimidate TV stations. DeVos is refusing grant stations any access unless they remove our factually correct ad,” said Brewer. "Fortunately for Michigan voters every TV station in the state has refused to give into DeVos’ ridiculous demands and bullying tactics and our ad will continue to remain on the air."

Keith Baldi talked to Curt Benson at Cooley Law School. He says that there is "no legal ground that would mandate a station take this type of ad off the air", and that doing so could backfire.

"Really... the letter is not so much a legal letter, this is a political letter".

Congrats to Mr. Baldi for actually doing a great story and answering some of the legal questions here- something that no one else has done.