Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The difference made clear in 26 seconds

One of Albin's famous "fact check" pieces, but this time he doesn't check any facts- he "tracks down the candidates" to ask them about the direction of the race.

The difference in tone of the answer shows the vast difference between these two- one is calm, cool and collected; the other is high-pitched, defensive and whiny.

See if you can tell which is which. Go watch.

Albin: With things getting testy on the airwaves, we wanted to know what the candidates had to say when it comes to the tone of this race. We tracked them down to get their take.

Granholm: "I think it's important for people to know we've got a choice in this election, it's important to point out in a truthful manner what the choices are."

DeVos: "They're deceiving Michigan on the facts, the facts are not one Michigan job went to China and they're inferring that many did and that's wrong, that is deceptive."

Awww, poor Dick.

Listen to Dick's voice in this clip. It tells you everything you need to know. These words come off flat on the screen, but in the tape you can tell who is speaking in a truthful manner and who is complaining to the cop about the speeding ticket.

Three debates have been announced.

The first debate is expected to be hosted by WKAR, the public TV station on the campus of Michigan State University, on Oct. 2. The others are at WOOD-TV (an NBC affiliate) in Grand Rapids on Oct. 10 and at WXYZ-TV (Channel 7, an ABC affiliate) in Southfield Oct. 16.

Tim Skubick tells us about the first-

But this first debate for governor breaks that mold. There are no rules. This will be the only debate with that format - if it comes off.

For the first and perhaps last time in the fall campaign, the governor and her challenger can actually talk to each other. How novel.

They can respond without a time clock, without restraints on the length of answers and without some red light going off.

Of course a successful debate that informs the voters depends on two elements: The ability of the candidates to answer the questions - and the questions themselves.

After watching the WOOD clip above, one wonders what will happen if (when) Dick gets upset.

Heh. Can't wait.