Monday, September 18, 2006

Disembodied Head ruins my blog! Film at 11.

I was so impressed with the look of the Disembodied Head site that I wandered over to Word Press to check it out. (actually I like all the Word Press blogs- they just look so much better than other free sites) They have a nifty little program that transfers all of your Blogger posts into their format, right? So, I said "OK! Let's do it!" and pressed the little button. I can be kind of stupid like that sometimes.

Turns out that it didn't quite work, oh well, no big deal, and when I came back over- I found all of my paragraph breaks had been removed. From everything I had ever written here.

Yes, I backed up my template. No, it didn't take when I tried to re-install it.

Ruh roh.

So, I will fix some of the front page, but I will not go through almost three years of archives- they will continue to look funny until the world ends or Blogger goes bankrupt, one of the two.

Unless one of you hot shots out there has a simple command to put them back in? Anyone?

I am planning on moving over to Word Press after the election anyway. Much nicer format, controls, look, everything. I'm also tired of Blogger being down or being slow half the time. Too frustrating.

In true DeVos form, I will have to blame the Disembodied Head for this wanton destruction. ;-)