Friday, September 08, 2006

GOP might skip Bush's visit to state

Wait a minute... Dick has supported George Bush and his policies with thousands and thousands of dollars. Why would Dick run away from his friend George?

I'm so confused. ;-)

President Bush sprints through southeast Michigan for a three-hour visit today to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for Republican Senate candidate Michael Bouchard -- and to raise a tough question for other GOP politicians.

Do you stand beside the standard bearer of your party, a president still popular with his conservative base? Or do you maintain a distance from a politician to whom most of America -- and Michigan -- gives a failing grade?

With the president's approval ratings hovering around 40 percent, GOP candidates around the country have stayed away when Bush visited their districts -- U.S. Rep. Thelma Drake of Virginia didn't even attend a Bush fundraising event for her campaign, and Senate candidate Thomas Kean of New Jersey showed up at his fundraiser after Bush had left.

Today in Clarkston, where Bush could raise $1 million or more for Bouchard, the candidate will be there. So will Republican U.S. Reps. Mike Rogers and Joe Knollenberg.

Mike Bouchard will be happy to take George's money. Mike and George are obviously good friends.

But where's Dick? This is the President of the United States! Doesn't Dick support our President?

Today's biggest no-show: gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos, who has been a stalwart Bush supporter -- financially and otherwise.

DeVos spokesman John Truscott said meetings in Ann Arbor and his own fundraiser in Saugatuck will keep DeVos away.

Oh. Right. Dick has a "meeting". Gotcha. *wink*

Compare and contrast to President Clinton's visit- out in the open for everyone to attend, whereas George hides in the shadows and collects the money from people embarrassed to be seen with him.

The Bouchard campaign won't say how many will attend the event. Like other Bush fundraisers this summer, it will be a low-key affair, closed to public and the press.

So we have Dick running away from George, and we have Mike on TV complaining about Republican spending in Washington, but yet happy to cozy up to Washington for a few bucks of his own.

What a fine group of upstanding, loyal, open and honest people we have here.