Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Granholm Diary on Kos

And yes, she picked a pretty cool handle. (or Clint did)

I want to know the story behind "grasshopper" though.

I’m writing this diary after some friendly urging that I have read here and at Michigan Liberal, which was echoed at the recent bloggers caucus at our State Party Convention. Many of you have been posting about my re-election race and I appreciate that you have kept the blogosphere updated on the campaign.

Now that Labor Day has come and gone and we’re in the final intense months of the campaign, I wanted to come here and express my appreciation for your involvement. I also want to answer any questions you might have -- we had a great off-line conversation at the bloggers caucus and since everyone couldn’t be there, I’m coming to you. I’ll stay online for about an hour after this diary posts to answer questions and I’ll try to check back in later on as well.

Go read. No troll problems except for the Disembodied Head- and he's just so darn cute I can hardly call him a troll. He's like one of those fuzzy trolls that you see on the dashboards of cars. ;-)