Friday, September 08, 2006

Granholm fights back with new ad on China

Not the MDP. Granholm.

Released just this morning- the Granholm campaign is answering Dick's attempt to get the MDP ads pulled off the air with an ad of their own, repeating the very charges the MDP raised just a few days ago. They cite a quote made by Dick just two days ago.

Quicktime version here.

Go watch. It's a beautiful thing.

Check the Truth Squad page for the facts.

"Dick DeVos. The more you know, the worse it gets."


UPDATE: Thanks go to Zack for the YouTube version. Sure wish I could run those on this blog-

And the more I think about this, I believe I have just seen what amounts to a political work of art.

MDP: Hey Dick! Look over here!

DeVos: (looking over) What? No, I didn't! Here's my defense! Bets, call the lawyers!

Granholm: BAM!

She clocks him with his own response.

Damn. That was good. If that is indeed what just went down, that was brilliant.