Thursday, September 14, 2006

Granholm For Governor: Another DeVos Distortion: "Enough"

The Granholm campaign has a great smack-down on Dick's new ad- the ad I call the "white screen one" with Dick scowling, angry, threatening, just plain nasty. I couldn't see the political advantage of portraying your candidate in this light, but, whatever, I am not an expert here.

And then it slowly dawned on me- Dick is telegraphing his next move.

Back in August, right before he released his first barrage of negative ads, he ran a "disclaimer" ad telling us how he wasn't going to get in the mud, like this was all somehow beneath him, dismissing it with the wave of his hand.

He dove straight into the mud after that, and he blamed you, Michigan, for his actions- passing the buck on his own personal responsibility. He just couldn't help himself after all. You forced him into it.

Very nice dodge, but not the kind of behavior you would expect from someone who is asking for a chance at an important position that demands he act like a reasonable adult. It's more like an excuse that a sullen teenager would use when they are trying to justify being obnoxious.

Asked why DeVos decided to go negative after saying in a recent ad that slinging mud doesn't help bring jobs to the state, Truscott said: "The mood of the public is negative."

Now Dick is being "forced" again in this new ad. Listen to what he says-

"Let me set things straight: It's a bunch of bull, and it's the lowest form of politics, and I've had just about enough of it."

This from the man who went to the "lowest form of politics" first, after he said he wouldn't, and has continued in that mode ever since.

This threat comes after less than a week of his name being mentioned in any commercial. He's swearing, he's angry, he has had enough. Which can mean only one thing-

He's going to go lower.

But you knew that.

After all, now the MDP and Granholm are forcing him into it. He just can't help himself. It's not his fault.

Another "personal responsibility" Republican strikes again- and he will hold everyone but himself responsible for his behavior. Sound familiar?