Thursday, September 07, 2006

MDP ad pulled in Cadillac, DeVos files more complaints

Man, I can't leave the house for two seconds without the kids getting into trouble.

GRAND RAPIDS -- An ad by the Michigan Democratic Party critical of GOP gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos was pulled off the air Thursday by two Cadillac television stations.

WWTV-WWUP-TV 9/10 pulled the ad after a DeVos campaign spokesman said there are a number of inaccuracies in the spot about details of the time Dick DeVos spent as president of Amway.

Nothing on 9/10 site about the ad being pulled.

So now we have the MDP being denied the right to free speech. Any lawyers in the house? Do they have grounds for a suit of their own based on these ads being pulled?

Turns out Dick's lawyers weren't done. They missed some things.

Just after 5 p.m. Thursday, WOOD TV8 received a second request from the DeVos campaign pointing to more areas they believe are inaccurate in the commercial.

WOOD TV8 will follow a long-established procedure of asking the agency that purchased the air time on behalf of the state Democrats to substantiate the claims in question. This time the question is the number of layoffs during Dick DeVos's tenure as the head of Amway.

The DeVos campaign said there were 600 layoffs, not 1400 as claimed, and that the rest were through attrition and buyouts.

In the article on Mark Brewer getting threatened with arrest that I cited yesterday, we have Truscott admitting to the 1400 number, but it was not a direct quote.

Truscott doesn't dispute that about 1,400 jobs were cut while DeVos restructured the company around 2000, but he said all were white-collar jobs.

Maybe Dick will have more charges tomorrow. Maybe I can make this an ongoing series. "Dick's Lawsuit of the Day", or, "Who is Dick Mad at Now?", or something like that. If anyone has any catchy titles, feel free to suggest them.