Tuesday, September 05, 2006

MIRS News - Revealing Quote of the Day
MIRS has a story entitled, "Alticor Declines to ID Ad Production Firm". I don't subscribe to MIRS and I'm not about to start- maybe someone (hello, MDP?) will report on this.

The fact that Amway won't tell is practically an admission, isn't it? Or do they just enjoy playing mind games with the public?

"We're keeping that to ourselves. I think that's something that is more politically interesting than important to our business."

— Rob ZEIGER, spokesman for Alticor, on which firm put together the new ad defending Alticor/Amway from charges by the Democratic Party that the firm outsourced 1,400 jobs to China under the supervision of GOP gubernatorial nominee Dick DeVOS.

Just like Dick DeVos, Amway won't answer the tough questions. Maybe they will tell us "after the election".

Something to hide, perhaps? For a company that claims they are running ads to try to "defend" their name, you would think they would want to be more open and honest about their practices.

EDIT 1:46PM: Everybody wave "hi!" to the fine folks at Alticor who checked into this blog today. Been awhile since they have stopped by. Goes nicely with the two hits I got from DeVos yesterday.

Gee, it's fun to be popular. Or not.