Monday, September 04, 2006

State Officials Warn Of Misleading Hand Washing Flyers
And they say American ingenuity is dead...

The Michigan departments of Community Health (MDCH) and Agriculture are warning Michigan businesses to be aware of misleading flyers being distributed by two companies that claim to encourage compliance with a "new hand washing posting advisory." The mailings, which could be mistaken for official notification, have the potential of intimidating businesses into purchasing the companies’ signs rather than risk being fined or closed.

Companies calling themselves the Michigan Center for Disease Education (MCDE) and the Food Service Compliance Center (FSCC) have mailed flyers to businesses to promote the sale of "approved hand washing posters." It should be noted that the MCDE and FSCC are NOT state agencies, and not affiliated with the state of Michigan.

The flyers incorrectly quote sections of the Michigan Food Code and Food Law, as well as US Code of Federal Regulations, and imply that an operator may be closed down or fined up to $2,500 if they fail to have signs that meet "exact specifications." Signs are then offered for sale for $19.95 each plus shipping.

Plus shipping. If you are going to rip someone off, make sure you get the shipping, too.