Thursday, October 05, 2006

poll numbers: Granholm 46 - DeVos 40

It's poll day today, apparently. Strange that Rasmussen would have a higher number for Granholm than EPIC.

WOOD has the breakdown once again.

43% Jennifer Granholm

3%lean toward Granholm

46% Total GRANHOLM

34% Dick DeVos

6% lean toward DeVos

40% Total DeVOS

1% Gregory Creswell the Libertarian

--% Bhagwan Dashaiya the US Taxpayer Party

1% Douglas Campbell the Green Party

12% Undecided/don't know

They both lost ground from the last poll. (Granholm 50- DeVos 42)

For Stabenow-

45% Debbie Stabenow

3% lean toward Stabenow

48% Total STABENOW

30% Michael Bouchard

5% lean toward Bouchard

35% Total BOUCHARD

1% W. Dennis FitzSimon the US Taxpayer Party

--% David Sole the Green Party

1% Leonard Schwartz the Libertarian

15% Undecided/don't know

And the debate-

Did you watch the televised gubernatorial debate (Monday night) between Jennifer Granholm and Dick DeVos?


60% No

1% Refused

Who do you think won the debate, Jennifer Granholm or Dick DeVos?

31% Granholm

8% Neither (volunteered)

6% DeVos

3% Both (volunteered)

52% Undecided/don't know

WOOD is all excited because the drop in the numbers makes the next debate so very important (for their ratings.)

Also questions on the ads and Prop 2. Go take a look.