Monday, October 16, 2006

Grand Rapids Press endorses Dick... Posthumus:

Given the Press endorsement for Dick DeVos yesterday (I know you're shocked by that), I thought we might want to revisit the reasons they endorsed Dick Posthumus in 2002.

The economic outlook provides a backdrop to the gubernatorial race. It's a looming issue that has received surprisingly scant public attention. Nonetheless, this fiscal reality is a critical point on which voters' judgments should turn. Democrat Jennifer Granholm and Republican Dick Posthumus would bring to the governor's office sharply different backgrounds and perspectives. We recommend Lt. Gov. RICHARD POSTHUMUS, of Alto, as the person best suited to steer Michigan through the coming financial shoals.

Mr. Posthumus is well equipped, having had a major part -- as Senate majority leader and lieutenant governor -- in state decision-making over the last dozen years. Policies of those years, overall, have been very good for Michigan. Compared to 1990, Michigan has significantly lower taxes, a more balanced economy, fewer people dependent upon welfare and much more equity and adequacy in the funding of public schools.

Mr. Posthumus can claim a share of credit for those accomplishments. More important is that the record points to where he would lead as governor. Among Mr. Posthumus' other assets is a thorough familiarity with state government. He would need no learning period before tackling the knotty budget problems ahead in 2003.

Attorney General Jennifer Granholm, of Northville, comes to this race with less than four years in a major elective position. Although she generally has done well as attorney general, she has a thin base of knowledge of the state and state government. With more experience at the state level, she would be a better candidate.

That is not a comment on her intelligence. She is smart, well educated and is quick to catch on to complex circumstances. With a scant record of high-level policymaking, however, Ms. Granholm's decision-making as governor largely is an open question. She has, at times, seemed to be much less her own person than a collection of positions taken to attract the support of various interest groups.

Source Citation: "For governor: Posthumus; He would be a steady hand in the difficult times ahead.(Editorial)." The Grand Rapids Press (Grand Rapids, MI) (Oct 20, 2002)

This year, it's "no experience necessary".

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