Saturday, October 07, 2006

Granholm, DeVos may join up for ad

Now I'm confused. Dickie gives lots and lots of money to all those right wing groups that oppose affirmative action.

The discussion about producing a joint ad came up after a meeting Thursday at New Detroit. The two candidates, apparently in separate discussions, agreed at least to consider cutting a commercial opposing Proposal 2, the ballot initiative that would ban affirmative action in government hiring and contracting, and in college admissions.

"The governor has agreed to do the ad. It's an important issue to her. And we're pleased he (DeVos) has agreed to pay for it," Granholm campaign spokesman Chris DeWitt said Friday.

But Chris, even you said that DeVos has supported these people. Remember this?

"Dick DeVos is so far to the right it would make Rush Limbaugh blush," DeWitt said. "He has supported groups that oppose all abortions, oppose stem cell research, oppose affirmative action, support outsourcing and unfair trade agreements, school vouchers, worked against the environment.

"The DeVos camp has gone out of its way to avoid answering any questions. What they can't hide is the fact that DeVos' actions in support of these groups speak very loudly."

Could it be that once again Dick is hiding his true colors? After all, even Ward Connerly has suggested that Dick wants to ban affirmative action and is only doing this to appear moderate.

DeVos is opposing the ballot proposal for political gain, Connerly said, because he doesn't want to energize Granholm voters. But he suggested DeVos personally supports MCRI.

Ward is all bummed out about the money drying up. He says that people don't want to anger DeVos, indicating that Dick is a vindictive human being that will make them pay for screwing up his plans.

Speaking at a taping of the public television program "Off the Record," Connerly said, "People don't want to get on the bad side of Dick DeVos."

Connerly said potential GOP contributors to MCRI fear being on the outs with a DeVos administration if he is elected.

He said after the taping that Michigan is known to have a vindictive political climate, that those in power "don't forget who their enemies are."

Not only is Dick saying one thing out of his mouth and doing another thing with his wallet, he risks alienating other Republicans.

Then again, Dick never actually says he is a Republican, either.

But DeVos risks rankling an important part of his base if he does the ad.

A Detroit News poll published Friday shows Republicans support Proposal 2, the affirmative action ban, 59 percent to 19 percent.

Oops, bad for Dick. My guess is this never happens.

And I don't want to see the Governor enable Dick in his deception, either, even if it would be a nifty trick to suppress votes from his base. ;-)