Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween:

My spider lives!

This is "Spidley". He built a big web in my driveway- when that was destroyed he moved up to my porch. I thought he was a goner in the cold the other day. He sat in one spot near the top of the roof and didn't move for over 48 hours. Well, that what happens, right?

Yesterday, there he was, back in the middle of his web, hanging out in the sun.

I'm going to train him to jump on the trick-or-treaters.

EDIT 3:57PM- Forgot the NFL results-

Green Bay 31, Arizona 14

Atlanta 29, Cincinnati 27

Baltimore 35, New Orleans 22

Tennessee 28, Houston 22

Jacksonville 13, Philadelphia 6

Kansas City 35, Seattle 28

Chicago 41, San Francisco 10

N.Y. Giants 17, Tampa Bay 3

San Diego 38, St. Louis 24

Indianapolis 34, Denver 31

Cleveland 20, N.Y. Jets 13

Oakland 20, Pittsburgh 13

Dallas 35, Carolina 14

New England 31, Minnesota 7

7-7. Damn. I used to be so good at this.