Sunday, October 29, 2006

Let's get 'er done, guv: We choose Jennifer Granholm

I was going to add this to my previous post on endorsements down below- but Blogger will not let me edit anything from the dashboard and will only publish from the "blog this" button.

I have had nothing but problems with Blogger since Google took them over, this week has been particularly bad, and if I continue to blog after the election (which I probably will), this will move to Word Press. I have had it.

Anyway, the Bay City Times rings in with their endorsement of the Guv.

Only by working together can Michigan's government and business leaders arrest the Great Lake State's slide into economic obscurity.

And haul it back to prosperity.

Gov. Granholm in her first four years in office has proven that she can get that job done.

Upon her inauguration in 2003, the shiny-new governor was handed what became a string of state budget deficits that eventually totaled $4 billion.

A Republican-controlled Legislature greeted the former attorney general from Northville with bared fangs.

Granholm has not only survived the ongoing partisan battles with the House and Senate, she has won her share.

Politics indeed is the fine art of compromise, and Granholm used her horse-trading skills - is that the attorney in her, or the politician? - to bring GOP legislators to her side on many issues.

And again, the vagueness of DeVos' plans sour the editors. It should sour everybody.

Granholm is familiar with our side of the state, and promotes it and our tourism Up North. It's not clear where our part of Michigan stands in DeVos' plans.

DeVos offers voters the improbable - that he would personally manage the state's comeback - and offers only clues about what he has in mind for tax reform and the economy.

Yeppers. Bring it home now-

Granholm has the grace and the knowledge and the skills to weave a common cloth from the competing threads of business and labor, Democrat and Republican.

With another four years in office, a term-limited Granholm could free herself from the shackles of pending re-election and have the guts and freedom to make her promise ring true.

Oh how sweet that would be. It's one of the things that gives me hope for the future- the chance to watch this woman take the lessons she has learned and overcome the roadblocks they have thrown in her face, and get us back on the right track.

Hope is a wonderful thing to have.