Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Michigan Democratic Party Ad: Healthcare

New ad from the MDP.

You are tired of ads, I know. I am too.

If you watch any kind of local news, you are hit with ad after ad after ad of, "Did so! Did not! He did that, can you believe she did this, she didn't do that, he supports that, Michigan sucks, sucks, sucks and we will lose EVERYTHING if this continues, and oh my God, the world is going to END if we elect so-and so, and whatever you do, don't shoot the birds, you horrible person you!"

It's no wonder people don't like politicians; they obviously are responsible for every bad thing that happens in this country as they work on a daily basis to DESTROY us all.

All that being said, I like this new ad from the MDP, just as I liked Granholm's ad on choice. It's quiet, it's effective, it's truthful, and nobody is whining at me.

LANSING- Today the Michigan Democratic Party (MDP) unveiled a new television ad on Republican gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos titled "Care". The ad, which begins airing statewide today, shows how DeVos has no plan for making health care more accessible or affordable to Michigan citizens. DeVos' only plan for health care is to "get a job." Governor Jennifer M. Granholm proposed the revolutionary Michigan First Health Care Plan that will, for the first time, provide access to affordable health care for all citizens in Michigan. Negotiations with the federal government are on track to implement the program in April, 2007.

The Detroit News just did a story outlining the differences between the candidates on this issue, and they point to health care as being one of the reasons that Michigan is at a huge disadvantage when it comes to competing with foreign car manufacturers.

Put simply, the high cost of health care hurts job creation and retention, which is the number one issue in this campaign. The two go hand in hand.

Gov. Jennifer Granholm is seeking federal approval for a universal health care plan in Michigan. Republican challenger Dick DeVos says the surest way to increase the number of insured is to increase the number of jobs in the state.

In reality, economic and health care issues are inextricably linked.

For example, the cost of health care benefits adds $1,525 to the price of a General Motors-made automobile, putting the Michigan car giant at a competitive disadvantage with foreign auto companies whose health care tab is picked up by the government.

The declining market share of domestic automakers is usually given as the No. 1 reason Michigan's economy is in trouble.

A main component of the "jobs" issue is totally ignored by the "jobs maker" DeVos. "More jobs" doesn't address the rising costs of health care, and furthermore he still hasn't told us how he will create "more jobs" in the first place.

I have blogged extensively about this issue this year- and I'm getting to the point where I feel everything I say is redundant. If you want to read further, here are some links-

An interview with Industry Week has DeVos repeating the same talking points and offering no solid plans.

During the 3rd debate Granholm challenged DeVos to tell what his plan was, and DeVos just attacked her as usual, offering no ideas of his own.

The Detroit News ran a great series on health care back in September, this post highlights just how serious and expensive the problem is.

And if that isn't enough- go way back to the beginning of February where Dick casually said he would look at eliminating Medicaid, just like his good buddy Matt Blunt did in Missouri. At the time I said, "My guess is that he will back off of this, not answer questions, run his smear campaign", and lo and behold I was right. He backed off of that statement a few days later, but to this very day he still uses the same phrases that Matt Blunt used as an excuse for throwing thousands off of Medicaid, that being "waste, fraud and abuse". Dick's "plan" includes scrutinizing the poor, which, guess what!, will send them to the emergency rooms and drive up your costs again.

DeVos has no plan. Granholm does. Your choice, Michigan.