Friday, October 06, 2006

Xenophobia- It's OK if You're A Republican

When Granholm and the MDP pointed out that Dick DeVos created jobs in China, the howls of "xenophobia" rang out from the conservatives- from the GR Press to the Detroit News to the ring-wing state blogs to DeVos' own campaign website.

Xenophobia is the fear of strangers or foreigners. Since the ads only pointed out Dick's record, and not an attack on the Chinese people themselves, these protests rang false- just another Republican deflection from the real issue of creating jobs in other countries while neglecting the workers of Michigan.

That didn't stop the feigned outrage.

The NRSC has now created a web site targeting Debbie Stabenow. Will the people who were so upset about the China ads be speaking up this time?

Don't hold your breath waiting.

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — A national Latino advocacy group said Wednesday that it is upset about a Web site set up by the National Republican Senatorial Committee that criticizes Democratic U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow of Michigan.

The Web site, paid for by the NRSC and not authorized by any candidate, pictures a cutout of Stabenow in a sombrero. "Mexican Hat Dance" plays while the NRSC's review of Stabenow's voting record on immigration and border security is displayed in Spanish or English.

The National Council of La Raza asked for the Web site — — to be removed, saying it is offensive and misrepresents some policy debates.

The site is just one set up by the NRSC to criticize Stabenow, who faces a re-election challenge from Republican Mike Bouchard, the Oakland County sheriff.

Another NRSC site criticizes Stabenow's recent efforts related to the importation of Canadian trash in both French and English. Another tackles Stabenow's record on the economy and other topics in English only.

This next one should be good in light of the criticism leveled at Granholm and the MDP.

A site set to debut soon will criticize Stabenow's record on China in both Chinese and English, the NRSC said.

NRSC spokesman Brian Walton said in a statement that the Web sites are a way to show voters Stabenow's record in the Senate that he says "she is misrepresenting and the mainstream media is failing to examine."

Walton said the NRSC does not plan to pull down the Web sites.

The web site mentioned above contains an Active X application that choked my browser, so I'm not going to link to it.

The DSCC also had an ad that upset some Hispanic groups. The difference? They pulled it down when asked.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee also has been criticized this election season by Hispanic groups that said a Web ad unfairly depicted illegal immigrants as terrorists. That Web ad was taken down.

Xenophobia- it's OK if you are a Republican.