Wednesday, November 29, 2006

NFL Week 12 Results and about that move to Word Press...

I get these done and keep forgetting to publish them. Since I blew up my template, this has become difficult because I have to manually put all the breaks in and sometimes it doesn't work. Which brings up another point- I know I threatened to move to Word Press, but after playing around over there I realized I'm only trading one set of headaches for another. Many times it has been very slow, I can't get it to do what I want... so, I'll stick with Blogger, God help me.

"I've created my own prison."

Miami 27, Detroit 10

Dallas 38, Tampa Bay 10

Kansas City 19, Denver 10

Minnesota 31, Arizona 26

Washington 17, Carolina 13

Cincinnati 30, Cleveland 0

N.Y. Jets 26, Houston 11

Buffalo 27, Jacksonville 24

New Orleans 31, Atlanta 13

Baltimore 27, Pittsburgh 0

St. Louis 20, San Francisco 17

San Diego 21, Oakland 14

New England 17, Chicago 13

Tennessee 24, N.Y. Giants 21

Indianapolis 45, Philadelphia 21

Seattle 34, Green Bay 24

11-5. Damn those Giants.