Saturday, November 18, 2006

WKAR - Off the Record w/Jill Alper

Watch Granholm campaign strategist Jill Alper shoot down the Republican talking points parroted by Dawson Bell and Tim Skubick. "Michigan would be better off if a company like Alticor didn't exist?" WTF? Please, Dawson. Such a stretch. No one ever said or even implied that. And Skubick- "Governor was too agressive" in the debate. Yeah. The only people saying that were the Pubs who wanted to make excuses for Dick's poor performance. Too easy.

Alper rises above all of this with such aplomb that it makes for a good watch if you are interested in a inside view of the race and a gracious rebuttal to some of the complaints that were voiced after it was over. She couldn't believe some of the things the DeVos campaign did, she probably felt the same way about some of the questions she was asked here. They obviously still do. not. get. it.

I only wish they would have let Luke ask more questions- something tells me that he would have had sensible and pertinent points to make rather than rehasing the standard whine of the right-leaning media. But, whatever, slam dunks are good, too.