Friday, December 08, 2006

Unbelievable: The MBT Excuses Musical

Yes, I've been reduced to quoting song lyrics. This is usually the last defense my brain has before it totally goes over the edge. My mind flips through the thousands of songs I have tucked away in my subconscious until it comes up with one that fits the situation.

I'm not going to chronicle the SBT follies one more time- if you have been following this at all you know that the Pubs have been dragging their feet for over two years on this subject.

Today's brush with insanity is brought to me by none other than Tim Skubick who managed to capture some juicy quotes on why the Republicans simply cannot find the time to fix the mess they have created. Watch the video at WILX- it's, well, unbelievable.

Ken Sikkema, on the time left to tackle this problem. I had some sympathy for Ken until I heard him say this-

Sikkema: The only deadline that's in my mind is doing the right thing for Michigan when it comes to economic growth and development.

Skubick: If she asks for a longer lame duck are you willing to go there?

Sikkema: No. No. We're going to be done by the end of next week.

Huh. Not important after all. Going to leave town by the 14th.

I guess "doing the right thing for Michigan" involves leaving businesses up in the air for months over a year- remember, it was August 9th that they blew up the SBT and promised to work on it "after the election", and that came after a waste of time, certain veto, elimination bill back in the spring, and that came after them promising in December of 2005 to work on it in January of 2006. You follow all of that?

The real mind-blowing statement came from Nancy Cassis. I almost lost a keyboard to my coffee with this one.

Cassis: We'll stay if this Governor really reaches out and has something concrete to propose. I'm really concerned that it's more rhetoric than substance.

The Governor has now put forth two plans in two years. Unless the Republicans have managed to keep their "proposal" super secret and under the table all this time, I find it, well, unbelievable that Granholm could be accused of offering only "rhetoric", when as far as I know the Republicans have offered NOTHING at all.

Skubick plays the "she's a big meanie" card at this point. Now that I have a better grasp on where he is coming from, it's going to be easier to catch him when he tries to goad legislators into making negative statements about Granholm.

Skubick: You don't think she's playing fair.

Cassis: Well, I wouldn't... I don't know if she's playing fair or not, she just certainly isn't coming forth and negotiating in good faith.

This comes from the party who has held the Merit hostage all year and tried to tie it to every little thing they could think of- from welfare reform, to teacher pensions and insurance, to fixing the overtime bill they screwed up. This comes from the party that continuously complained about Michigan's economic condition but yet wouldn't offer any solutions of their own besides "cut taxes". This comes from the party that laments the condition of the foster care system and the prison system while they insist on cutting the revenue that could fix those things.


All I can say at this point is:

You burden me with your questions

You'd have me tell no lies

You're always asking what its all about

But don't listen to my replies

You say to me I don't talk enough

But when I do I'm a fool

These times I've spent, I've realized

I'm going to shoot through

And leave you

The things, you say

Your purple prose just gives you away

The things, you say

You're unbelievable

Or, Just watch the video-

EMF - Unbelievable

It's much easier.