Saturday, January 27, 2007

Grand Rapids Iraq War Protest

A small but vocal crowd stood at the corner of Division and Fulton in downtown Grand Rapids today to show solidarity with the marchers in Washington. No local media coverage (so far), so your favorite intrepid blogger hauled down there and grabbed some photos.

Grand Rapids Iraq War Protest At the Corner

Standing at the corner of ground zero in Grand Rapids.

Size of the protest was hard to estimate- my best guess is 40-50. They were spread out on the corners of the intersection and up Fulton Street towards Veterans Memorial Park, and they moved around a lot. Cold, gray, light snow falling. Your typical Grand Rapids January day. And I forgot my gloves.

Grand Rapids Iraq War Protest George Bush

George Bush was there!

The honking was non-stop. People flashed their lights, gave the thumbs up, smiled as they drove by.

Grand Rapids Iraq War Protest Honk

Honk for peace.

Signs were posted in the snow along Fulton.

Grand Rapids Iraq War Protest Not One More

Not one more. The guy and his very nice dog in the background were headed down to the river to fish. Brrrr.

Grand Rapids Iraq War Protest US Out Now

Looking west on Fulton.

The event was organized by the West Michigan Justice & Peace Coalition. They are part of the Michigan Peace Network, and they have a petition you can sign that will be dropped off by people in Washington who will be lobbying on Monday. Not holding my breath that Vern will listen, but what the heck.

Grand Rapids Iraq War Protest Liars

Waving at the cars.

Happy to see my city participate in this event. We have a dedicated group that is down on that corner every Monday, according to "Mr. Bush".

Grand Rapids Iraq War Protest War Is Over

War is over... if you want it.

Worst. President. Ever. Time to impeach this son-of-a-bitch.

UPDATE 1/28: No local TV coverage that I saw. The GR Press has a tiny picture (mine are better- how I love beating the pros) with a caption estimating the crowd at "a couple dozen". No story. I think it was more than that, but it is very hard to tell when there are people walking in and out on their way to other things down there...