Thursday, February 15, 2007

This song has no title...

Anybody as bored as I am? Anybody? Cabin fever has settled in.

Here are a few things that caught my eye-

  • Bob Emerson, speaking on the GOP campaign to "Just Say No" to Michigan, calls an obstructionist an obstructionist.

    Granholm Budget Director Robert Emerson said at some point Republicans "have to declare what they're for. We know what they're against -- they're against whatever the governor proposes. It's pretty hard to sit down with somebody when you don't know what they stand for."

    More of this, please. Time to start calling these guys out. Loudly.

    Granholm will have a press conference later today. Hope she comes out swinging.

  • As further proof of just how damn stubborn Michigan Republicans are- 71% of GOP voters want Dick DeVos to run again. Too bad Dick loses by the same margin.

    Overall, a DeVos encore is opposed by 52 percent of voters and favored by 38 percent -- equaling the 14-point spread by which he lost to Granholm last November, when the final tally was 56-42.

    And speaking of Dick, someone needed to remind him that he "turned around Grand Rapids" at the GOP convention last Saturday.

    Presidential candidate Mitt Romney walked past DeVos on his way into the convention hall. "Nice house," Romney said, stopping for a moment to shake DeVos' hand. "I heard you had a big house, I didn't realize it was this big, though." DeVos seemed to look puzzled for a moment until he got the joke -- the conversation took place in the lobby of DeVos Place, named after the former gubernatorial candidate's family.

    I have a feeling that DeVos looks puzzled most of his waking moments.

  • Laugh out loud funny MI Newswire headline- "Cox Issues Valentine's Day Advice to Consumers on Dating Services".

    Well, if all the rumors (and admitted facts) are true, Mike should know.

    Cox said, "Dating services are not for the faint of heart. Not only can they be very expensive, but they can create safety and security problems for unsuspecting consumers. People thinking about subscribing should do their own background checks on dating services to find out how their personal information will be used, and they should make sure they understand and accept what's in the contract, especially terms limiting their ability to cancel the contract or receive refunds. And consumers who decide to sign up should remain cautious about disclosing personal information and take safety precautions before arranging meetings with prospective partners."

    I really can't add to this- Mike is the expert, after all.

    As soon as Mr. "Family Values" stops crowing about taking away other people's rights, I'll lighten up. Or not. I'm kinda mean sometimes.

  • The Michigan Chamber of Commerce has a problem with overturning our unique law protecting drug companies from most product liability lawsuits. It seems that if a drug company kills your loved one with their faulty products, and you take issue with that, well, perhaps you are just opening the door for all the "blood sucking ambulance chasers". Yeah. That's it. Stop being so silly.

    Profits before people, people. It's all about the money with these guys.

  • Where's Vern? Ehlers still hasn't spoken up on the Iraq resolution in the House. Hmmm. Will he do the right thing? You never know with Vern. Stay tuned...