Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bishop: "We need to get this job done yesterday"

Yes. He actually said that.

No, I couldn't believe it, either.

Talks are happening, but I'm not sure how you even begin to talk with someone who behaves like this.

As he headed into the meeting at 11 a.m., Bishop said the Republican-controlled Senate has no intention of bridging the gap with a tax increase, pledging to fill it with "cuts and reforms alone."

"We have got to dramatically downsize government, and we have to do it today," he said.

Because yesterday he was too busy.

You do that, Mikey. You go tell your schools and cities and hospitals that you are going to cut them off at the knees. Can't wait to see the response.

Republicans haven't made their spending cuts public. But a spokesman for Bishop has said that, besides the $167 million in cuts proposed in Granholm's first executive order, Republicans would slice another $700 million. The state also would save $100 million through accounting changes.

Both Dillon and Bishop said Tuesday that there's no time to waste.

"Everyone knows that time is of the essence," Dillon said. "Every day we wait, the problem grows."

Agreed Bishop: "We need to get this job done yesterday."

Yes, yes we did. And where were you, Mike?

Wait. Don't answer that. I think I've heard enough for one day. Maybe one lifetime.

Just when I think things can't get any more absurd...

UPDATE 7:38 PM- WOOD has added a video and expanded the original story to include this-

Shortly before 4 p.m., the trio emerged to tell reporters that negotiations are continuing. But they declined to give any specifics.

"We're making progress," the governor said. "We have agreed to negotiate in confidence. And we are going to make sure we achieve the results of balancing the budget and moving the state forward. And we're not going to divulge any of the agreements that we've reached so far, and we'll continue to meet until we have an agreement."

The Republicans made it to the table without having to divulge their "plan" to the public, and whatever happens now becomes bipartisan.

Not happy about that.

Also not happy with Bishop taking a shot at the Governor over yesterday, but really not surprised by it either.

No justice. There seems to be no justice in that town, and tonight that really bothers me... why more than usual? I really don't know.