Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bishop's failure to communicate sends wrong message to Michigan's citizens

Like that title? I stole it from Mike himself- a memo he issued almost a month ago.

The memo was a stunt.

The past two months have been a series of stunts by the Republicans, one after the other.

Michigan is in a "crisis", Mike has admitted it himself, but for whatever reason the Republicans still insist on playing games. Yesterday was just one more example.

On March 9th, the Governor said this, right before she left for Germany-

If this resolution doesn't happen by March 16, I'm asking leadership to meet nonstop with me until we have an agreement to resolve this crisis.

She restated it on the 13th-

"I'm going to demand that we sit in a room until we reach an agreement. I'm expecting people to clear their calendars until the end of the month, and that we are going to go into negotiations and come out only when we have an agreement," she said Tuesday in a telephone call from Germany.

So, they knew. They even replied.

A spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop, R-Rochester, called Granholm's declaration "fantastic."

"I think the Senate majority leader has been asking the governor to come to the table for the last three weeks. We welcome the chance to sit down with the governor in the room," spokesman Matt Marsden said.

Then why would Bishop skip out on a meeting yesterday?

Because he wanted to pull yet another stunt.

We can only conclude their continued lack of communication with the Governor on serious issues is intentional.

Like that? I stole that from Bishop, too.

I can only conclude that it IS intentional. Yesterday was a show of blatant disrespect to the Governor, to his colleagues, to the process, to the citizens of Michigan, to our future.

You're expecting me to be outraged. I am. You're expecting me to say something witty. I can't. Today I'm just angry and saddened and disgusted by the whole thing- and I seem to be at a loss for words.

Good luck to the Governor with today's meeting. I sincerely hope something productive comes out of it.