Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Granholm rallies UAW workers at Cobo Center

Another great speech.

Governor Jennifer Granholm received a 30-second standing ovation this morning from 1,500 United Auto Workers union delegates during a speech in which she attacked Republicans' "backward strategy" of slashing costs with what she contends is little investment in American workers.

Another rock star moment.

As the crowd at Cobo Center rose to its feet and cheered, Granholm screamed. "We have massive battle of philosophies occurring inside of business, inside of government, inside of states.

"When we face in 2008 the choice of a presidential candidate, I've repeatedly said I don't care where you come from, I'm not going to be supporting anyone who is not talking about universal health care, fair trade, investment in our workers," she said.

Edwards, so far. I'm sure the rest will pick up on this theme soon.

More cheering.

To cheers so loud that she could barely be heard above the roar, the governor charged: "Let's get leadership in this country that will support our struggles and fight for the American middle class way of life!"

Unless Albin is there, I'll never see it. Sounds like another made-for-YouTube moment missed, just like the speech to the educators Monday.

Speaking at the state’s annual education summit in Lansing, a noticeably frustrated Gov. Jennifer Granholm implored school administrators and local school board members to lobby legislators to fight what she called a “mindless” cut in education funding passed by the state Senate last week.

“For those of you who have already looked your legislators in the eye, I need you to do it again,” she told a group of more than 200 educators gathered at the Lansing Center. “Write letters, send e-mails. The kids need you, the state needs you.’”

Granholm declined to characterize the state’s current budget impasse. “I won’t go blow-by-blow -- I don’t have the patience.”

Darn. I would love to hear a blow-by-blow account.

“I urge you to suit up, jump in, fight like the future of Michigan depends on you,’” she said. “They need to hear how it’s going to affect local schools.”

Rumor has it the speech at the MDP convention was excellent, too.

Sure would be great to get this stuff up where everyone could see it... I know y'all have the place. Get us the clips!

(Detroit News photos can be found here. One thing I give the DN major credit for- they have some awesome photographers, and they display their pictures on the web very well- great color and clarity. The spring training pictures of the Tigers have been fantastic.

They are the best in the state. So, if you are ever looking for photos of a major event- check there first.)