Friday, March 30, 2007

You get a frog...

The Bishop

The frogs are back at Huff Park

I got nothing.

I was going to do a piece on the Republicans entitled, "Denial: It's Not Just for Alcoholics Anymore", but I was so overwhelmed by all the quotes that indicate just how deep that hole goes that I quit halfway through. (You might still get that one later. Maybe as a book.)

My next target was, "Did the Democrats Hang My Governor Out to Dry?", but I might not be seeing that situation clearly because I think I'm buying into some of the Republican diversions (bad me), and, given the fact that they are going to need to be on the same page to beat the aforementioned Republican denial, I figured I better shut up on that for now. Besides, anything that makes Mike Cox "spit out his Wheaties" is probably a good thing that we should study a little closer.

The sad fact is I really need to get a life. I was probably the only person in West Michigan who was anxiously awaiting WOOD to get the video of last Sunday's "To The Point" with Chris Christoff up on the web. If you want to hear the scoop on what all went down last week, check it out. Besides some inside baseball from a couple of vets on the scene, the show contains the full statements by Granholm and Bishop from after the showdown.

I am such a geek.

Anyway- here is another flower picture. Enjoy your weekend.

Damn That's Red