Wednesday, July 18, 2007

DeRoche: Tuition hikes free state from obligation to universities

(Originally posted at BFM. This is called "hitting the Lefty Blogwire twice for maximum exposure". Or something like that.)

Craig DeRoche issued a news release Monday (MIRS, sub only) claiming that the state budget deficit isn't really a deficit at all- it's "what we choose to spend", according to his spokesman Matt Resch. DeRoche proceeds to whittle down the $1.8 billion to $567 million in some convoluted attempt to make it seem like they can snap their fingers and make it all go away.

Yeah, whatever you say, Craig. It just doesn't add up. 

So far, this hasn't hit the MSM (update- part of it did Tuesday, but not the important part. Where is Kathy Barks Hoffman, anyway?) or the House Repubs site- but this part of "making it go away" ought to bring howls of outrage from the state's universities and those that just got socked with huge tuition increases.

The Novi Republican then suggested that the proposed double-digit tuition hikes free state government from its obligation to refund universities the delayed payment from the 2007 budget.

Thanks, universities! Since you did the dirty work for us, we are off the hook!

Meanwhile, EMU is the latest to announce a hefty increase in tuition.

The university's governing board approved a combined 8 percent increase in tuition and fees. The tuition itself goes up 9.5 percent, but no mandatory fees were increased.


Eight Michigan public universities have raised tuition for next year and the other seven are expected to do so soon. In some cases the tuition increases could be adjusted, depending on what happens with state aid.

We have now heard the response to "what happens with state aid". There won't be any if the Republicans have their way. They just pass the bill on to you and call their job done.