Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Michigan State raises tuition by 9.6 percent

I believe they call this a "back door tax increase". Even if they don't, I'm going to.

As promised, the price of college at MSU is going up, thanks to your state legislature.

EAST LANSING, Mich. (AP) - Tuition at Michigan State University will rise 9.6 percent next fall, and some of the school's leaders placed the blame squarely on state lawmakers.

The university's governing board approved the tuition increase proposal Wednesday afternoon. It's one of many tuition and fee increases expected at Michigan's 15 public universities this year.

But wait! There is still time to rectify this situation-

But a provision in Wednesday's decision will allow Michigan State President Lou Anna Simon to lower the tuition rate or provide refunds later in the year if the state comes up with more money than expected.

Or, it could get worse-

On the flip side, tuition could be adjusted and raised well above 10 percent if the state cuts aid more than anticipated.

Call your legiscritter today... oh wait, you can't. They aren't there. Nevermind.

Just pay your bill, and pray that they aren't kidding about the refunds.