Monday, July 30, 2007

Senate Republican SOD 7/30/2007- Marsden on inertia

We can't work on policy because of the budget. We can't work on the budget because we might scare people. We apparently didn't get anything done during the latest two week "working" vacation over the 4th... and now Gongwer went and added up the number of bills passed between chambers, and it's not very flattering.

Your Senate Republican SOD for 7/30-

Matt Marsden, spokesperson for Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop (R-Rochester), said, "The reality is there is a focus on the budget that has put the bill numbers where they are."

The answer to this terrible dilemma? Take August off!

Gongwer compared to 1997 when we had a House/Senate split in party leadership- that year they managed to crank out 93 in the same time period. This year it's 46.

Mr. Marsden was confident that once the budget is dealt with, both chambers will be addressing more policy matters.

Just as soon as they get back from the beach...