Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Senate Republican Statement of the Day July 24, 2007

The Senate Journals are a treasure trove of wonder. Many times I have gotten a hearty laugh (or I just shake my head in disbelief) at some of the things uttered on the Senate floor.

Usually it is Cassis or McManus providing the bewildering statement of the day, Cropsey and Patterson come up with some real doozies, too.

I'll highlight the absurdity when I can- sometimes they don't speak, most of the time lately they aren't even there. With a whole five- count' em five- session days scheduled in August (crisis? what crisis?), we might not get much material for this series.

Without further delay, here is your Senate Republican SOD for 7/24/2007-

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Senator Martha Scott has been on a crusade for fair driver insurance rates in the city of Detroit. Nearly every single session she rises to say something about it- I give her high marks for perseverance.

Yesterday, she had this to say-

Auto insurance rate increases have outpaced inflation by more than a 2-to-1 ratio in Michigan. In Detroit, insurance rates have outpaced inflation by more than 4-to-1. That's why nearly half the drivers in Detroit are uninsured. Meanwhile, currently more than a quarter of a million Wayne County residents are without medical insurance. Why should these same people have to reduce their auto insurance medical coverage in order to reduce their premiums? A $50,000 limit could be used up in a matter of days. After serious automobile accidents, insufficient medical coverage could result in victims being forced into bankruptcy or onto welfare. So, once again, we are punishing the most vulnerable among us by taking away coverage from those who can least afford it.

To which Senator Bruce Patterson replied- and check the indignation here-

I rise in a state of distress. I've listened very carefully to a previous speaker who announced that more than half of the drivers operating motor vehicles in the city of Detroit are operating without auto insurance. I believe that is a violation of the Michigan Vehicle Code.

My parents, as I've declared before, have lived in Detroit their entire lives--over 80 years. They've been insured for their driving, and they have never had a claim. But if there are drivers operating in the city of Detroit, operating motor vehicles without insurance, they are breaking the law. They are causing the law-abiding citizens to have to pay more.

I demand that the administration investigate who it is driving without insurance and get them off the road--enforce the laws.

Now ask yourself, just how many law enforcement officers would it take to "investigate" and get half of Detroit's drivers off the road?

Did the Senator have a suggestion as to how to pay for his idea? Or even implement it? Should we set up checkpoints all over the city and stop every. single. driver. in Detroit?

No. He just demands it from the administration. I'm sure they will get right on that to help alleviate the Senator's distress. 

See what I mean? Republican "demands" are usually a hoot.

I'll do my best to bring you these gems when I find them.