Thursday, July 26, 2007

Students Protest Mike Bishop's Tuition Hike at Wayne State

The Republican response? Blame the universities. Here's Nancy Cassis-

The universities, in my opinion, are holding the parents and students of this state hostage with these excessive tuition threats and hikes. How and where is the documentation to support these increases?

You've got all the paperwork right there, Nancy, but try this little bit of documentation on for size.

From 2001-06, Michigan reduced higher education spending dollars to universities more than any other state in the country, according to an Illinois State University study. As a result, the tuition cost for Michigan's 15 public universities shot up 37 percent over four years to become the nation's fifth most costly, according to a report released earlier this year by the state auditor general.

Does that explain anything?

Bruce Patterson says "quit!" on the other side...
Patterson talks about "more and more", but as the study above shows, it really has been less and less.

When talking about more and more money, one might ask why they can't make do with the amount of money that they are getting right now. If these boards, regents, and trustees are incapable, then they should all resign.

Yeah, doesn't matter that the state has promised you money only to delay payments. If you can't deal with getting ripped-off, maybe you should just get out of the business.

To close a 2007 budget hole, the state is withholding August payments to universities and permanently reduced their base appropriation. The state budget director told university leaders they'd get the August payment back in October, but colleges are leery since the state has yet to find a solution for 2008 budget that's riddled with more shortfalls.

Mike Bishop has sent his dogs into this fight with their list of blame all prepared.

Surprised they didn't blame the students themselves for taking such expensive classes. Bet that is coming next.