Friday, July 27, 2007

Wizardkitten on BFM

I can't keep up with the cross-posts.

I don't think that people realize the incredible amount of time I have to put in to do the things I do, and cross-posting is one of those things that is going to have to take a back seat to the reading and research. Something that takes you minutes to read has usually taken me hours to link and reference.

So, since my effort has to be on BFM for the traffic potential, I have decided to just post a roundup of my posts here. Follow the links over there if you are so inclined.

The stuff on the Senate Republicans is pretty damn good, if you ask me. Check it out.

In a fit of insanity I decided to start the "Senate Republican Statement of the Day" or "SOD" for short. They say so many unbelievable things I had to start writing them down. I can't promise there will be an entry every day, but I will do my best.

Here is the roundup of some of the things I've done since the last post here.

Michigan House moves to ban smoking in public places - fine by me.

Michigan dumping CMS? - and editorial from the GR Press tells us that we are shopping around for new delivery of prison health care. No one else in the state has picked up on this.

Senate Republican Statement of the Day July 24, 2007 - The one where Bruce Patterson suggests we take half of Detroit's drivers off the road. This is the statement that kicked off the series- something in me just snapped.

Breaking MI Supreme Court Decisions - Basically a throwaway post on breaking news.

Senate Republican Statement of the Day 7/25/2007- The Big Stall - The one where the Republicans try to justify their inaction on the budget.

Students Protest Mike Bishop's Tuition Hike at Wayne State - The power of YouTube with some interesting Republican responses to the problem of rising tuition.

Who are you, and what have you done with Andy Dillon? - Dillon surprises the hell out of everyone by standing up to the Senate Republicans for a change. A must read, IMO.

Senate Republican SOD 7/26/2007- Cassis targets the poor once again - Watch Nancy Cassis define the term "greedy pig".

And for a great series on the Detroit Riots of '67, just go to the BFM home page and start reading back. Christine has done an excellent job of laying this out on a timeline called "Witness to Riot"- and slowly but surely you start to realize that this was one of the defining moments in Detroit history.

As far as this blog goes- you're probably going to get my baseball and other pictures when I get the time. Ryne Sandberg, one of my all time heroes, is coming to 5th3rd Ballpark and I'm going to do my best to get some pics.

Until then... look for me at BFM for all the latest Michigan news.