Monday, August 06, 2007

Gov. Bill Milliken takes on Senate Republicans

Looks like Mike Bishop will have to censor Bill Milliken too. From tonight's MIRS-

Observing that it was time to end "Lansing's obsession with no new taxes," former Republican Gov. William MILLIKEN urged the Legislature to get on with the business of raising new revenue for state services.

Milliken delivered a passionate and wide-ranging speech to the state's community college administrators last week in Traverse City, telling them the "state Senate needs to be taken to task. It is time for the Senate leader to stop playing politics and work with the Governor." Milliken did not mention Senate Majority Leader Mike BISHOP (R-Rochester) by name.

Governor, I have been saying that all year, and look where it got me. Better be careful!

He sticks up for Granholm on DOC issues-

He praised the Gov. Jennifer GRANHOLM for making some "important decisions" in the Department of Corrections budget that were denounced by Republicans. Milliken dismissed the criticism as "the worn-out mantra of being soft on crime" and blasted the Republican criticism of her sentencing guideline reforms as "bitter and vitriolic."

I guess that MIRS will have to go from the Senate next.