Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Granholm slams Legislature on budget stall

Go get 'em, Governor! Woot!

Gov. Jennifer Granholm, who leaves Saturday for a week-long European trade mission, slammed the Legislature today for failing to pass a state budget, adding that the time for talking about it is over.

Not only are they Absent in August, they haven't even set a calendar for September yet.

She noted that lawmakers are scheduled to meet only nine days in September. The current budget expires Sept. 30. The budget for next year is up to $1.8 billion out of whack. Granholm has proposed tax increases and all sides have introduced budget reforms.

"Nine days to do the budget and reforms and the Senate hasn't even passed a budget bill yet," the governor said, shaking her head.

The administration is ready to negotiate, but no one is home. Once again the train has to pull the caboose.

"Bob Emerson is over there every single day meeting with whoever is there, but nobody is there," Granholm said. "They need to do their job and they cannot do it if they are not in the chair."

Check out the details on the jobs mission to Sweden here. And as Tom Walsh pointed out this morning, the No Worker Left Behind program has already netted some new jobs.

Obvious to see who is working for the people, and who isn't.