Thursday, August 09, 2007

Granholm sued over access to her state web page

This is an interesting twist.

Should politicians be forced into promoting something they don't believe in on their own government web page?

LANSING, Mich. -- A conservative law center has sued Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, saying she has discriminated against residents who oppose embryonic stem cell research by refusing to let them have equal space on her taxpayer-supported Web site.

The Ann Arbor-based Thomas More Law Center said Thursday it has filed suit in federal court in Lansing on behalf of the Lansing Guild of the Catholic Medical Association, Flint-Area Right To Life and Right To Life-Lifespan.

Granholm, who wants to lift Michigan's restrictions on embryonic stem cell research, has a link on her state Web site that encourages citizens to sign a petition asking the state Legislature to pass bills that would lift restrictions on such research.

The law center says Granholm refused requests from its clients to place their own petition on the Web site opposing embryonic stem cell research.

It seems to me that any governor, be they a Democrat or Republican, should have the right to determine what is on that space, be it a petition or whatever.

Taken to the extreme, everyone could sue for access on any position- I don't see where they have standing here.

Go sign the Governor's petition. Say thanks to RtL for giving it some publicity.