Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sen. Mickey Switalski on Early Retirements for State Workers

The Senate just took a party line vote on early retirements- and Sen. Switlaski has something to say about it.

Check the video- 

"The fact that they moved the whole thing in one day, from start to finish, no committee meetings, nothing, indicates that they realize the thing has really basic flaws, and I don't think it will survive in the House.

So, I think it maybe is more of a political statement that they want to make a cut. Well, if you want to make a cut, let's see the real cut".

Senate Republicans are back to their old tricks- passing rush job bills so they can crow to the press that they are "saving money".

Problem is, it doesn't save money. It costs more to the state and puts citizens in danger at the same time. Watch the video, Switalski lays it all out for us, complete with the numbers.

Senate Republicans are wasting your time and money. Instead of real reform, they want to destroy the government. This bill just proves it.