Tuesday, September 11, 2007

And now for the rest of the story...

Want to know what $1.75 billion in cuts looks like?

I don't think you do, but here it is anyway.

Keep in mind while you are reading, Republicans are saying that they would vote to do this. You think that raising taxes is a problem for re-election? I would love to be the ad writer for a challenger to a legislator who would actually go along with these kinds of cuts. Almost want to make them take a vote and get them on the record.

This goes beyond "living within our means", this is outright dereliction of duty.

From Gongwer, here is the original $1 billion (or so), and this one includes cutting the increases that were coming to K-12 and colleges-

The list that Mr. Bishop called for - a list he said had been presented numerous times in closed-door negotiations - called for $192 million in savings from an early retirement program for state workers, $289.7 million in eliminating a proposed 2.5 percent increase for K-12 School Aid, another $35 million by eliminating a proposed 2.5 percent increase for higher education and $7l.1 million by eliminating a similar increase for community colleges, $116.8 million in cuts to the Department of Human Services, $78.6 million in cuts to the Department of Community Health and $50 million in cuts to Corrections, $23.4 million in cuts to all other departments and $75.4 million in cuts to state employee economic funding.

And if that wasn't horrific enough, check the rest of it out.

But the additional possible cuts could total another $1 billion. The largest of those suggestions was a drastic cut in statutory revenue sharing, by $398.7 million (Detroit would bear the brunt of that - $208.9 million - with the 31 largest cities and townships seeing total cuts of $312.8 million).

Other big proposals would be eliminating a repayment of $138.7 million in delayed payments to universities and another $25.8 million in delayed payments to community colleges, $78 million in Comprehensive Transportation Fund grants, $77 million in a variety of grant elimination and reductions in K-12 school aid, as well as $75 million transfer in the 21st Century Jobs Fund to the general fund.

The committee took no action on the proposals.

I should hope not. 

Names. We need the names of legislators who would approve of such a thing. Besides the Senate Republicans, we can throw in all the House Republicans as well, according to Craig DeRoche.

House Minority Leader Craig DeRoche warned there are no House GOP votes for higher taxes.

No? Well, kiss your local police and fire department goodbye, and then thank your local Republican legislator. The ad copy is writing itself here. 

Dillion says he is going to move a revenue vote Friday.

"I just decided that we've got to act on our own now," Dillon said with less than three weeks before the new budget year begins Oct. 1. "That's what I'm prepared to do."

I should hope so.

Republicans are anxious to get Democrats on record for voting for the revenue to run the state? In the face of this?

Perhaps we need to get the Republicans on record for voting to close "three or four prisons".

Two can play at this game. 

Better yet, why don't all you yahoos just settle down and do the right thing here. It would save us all a lot of trouble.