Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bishop speaks only when it serves... Bishop

Seriously, Mike, some of us are paying attention out here. You really should watch the things you say in a fit of spite, or anger, or whatever your problem is today.

As you might have heard (see story below), House Republicans refused to back the idea of putting a sales tax increase on the January ballot. According to Gongwer-

Mr. Dillon said Republicans failed to lift a finger to help pass a proposal on the sales tax, pointing to Mr. Bishop saying he did nothing to convince Republicans to vote for a proposal he proposed.

But Mr. Bishop said he had only proposed the sales tax as a way of getting some movement from the House. And why should he have to talk to House members to get them to take action on anything, he asked reporters.

I don't know, Mike, why did you have to talk to them back in May concerning the new business tax? 

From the Detroit News, May 3rd. (article no longer online)

But the bill drew only five Republican votes on the House floor. Democrats said an initial head count had more than 30 Republicans backing the tax package, but support fell off due to "disgusting partisan politics," Bieda said.


House Democrats said Republican support collapsed after a visit to the House GOP's closed caucus meeting by Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop, R-Rochester.

So, Bishop will go talk to House Republicans when it serves his interest to do so.

Apparently progress on the solution to our budget problem doesn't warrant Mike's attention today.

After all, why should he have to talk to these guys. Not like the state is going to shutdown or anything, right?