Sunday, September 16, 2007

Democrats prepared to act alone by midnight

According to the News and Rep. Condino- Democrats will have the votes to pass this revenue, even if they have to go it alone.

Good. Democrats can be the ones who "saved schools, protected public safety, provided health care, and preserved our quality of life."

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Rep. Paul Condino, D-Southfield, a lead negotiator, said Democrats, who control the chamber by a 58-52 margin, were prepared to act alone to prevent a partial state government shutdown -- threatened in two weeks.

But he still said he was confident that at least four Republicans and as many as 10 could be persuaded to vote for the income tax increase, returning the rate to where it was in 1993.

"There are members over there," Condino said, pointing to where the Republicans sit on the House floor, "who think closing down government is a failure."

He praised the unnamed Republicans saying that they were considering a tax vote, despite "great personal risk" from groups threatening recalls.

DeRoche claims otherwise. Of course.

"It's just simply not true," DeRoche said, sporting a couple day beard growth. "There will be no Republican votes for a tax increase this weekend."

Fine. You own the cuts then. Don't care if you didn't vote for them, you wouldn't provide the revenue to prevent them- and any smart campaign manager would tally up the figures for your district and run it by the public a few hundred times in the ads.

And the word obstruction would come up frequently, too.

So, by midnight this should be done- and then we are off to the Senate next week. 

But what's this? Yet ANOTHER trip up north?

That means a tax increase approved today would not be approved or rejected by the Senate until Friday -- the same day state Republicans begin a weekend conference on Mackinac Island that GOP lawmakers want to attend.

No way the Senate approves a tax increase and then heads to Mackinac where their owners will be congregating with the checkbooks.

That's a problem. That puts this into the following week- and we will come right down to the wire.

Are we having fun yet?