Sunday, September 30, 2007

House rejects 6% services tax

Um, Andy? Hello? What's going on here?

The proposed budget deal was facing serious trouble early this afternoon as the House failed to pass a proposed extension of the 6% sales tax to several services on its first try.

Immediately after that vote, the House put up for a vote the proposed overhaul of teacher health insurance, which was far short of the 56 votes needed for passage. The voting board remains open on that bill.

Six Dems were "no" on the service taxes according to MIRS.

They are Reps. Kate EBLI (D-Frenchtown Twp.), Terry BROWN (D-Pigeon), Marc CORRIVEAU (D-Northville), Marty GRIFFIN (D-Jackson), Mike SIMPSON and Robert DEAN (D- Grand Rapids).

We now have around 10 hours to go. If the major pieces can't get through the House, I believe that the House will, indeed, own this shutdown.

Get your troops in line, Dillon. Enough screwing around.