Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mike Bishop agrees we need the money

When talking about a government shutdown today from Mackinac, Mike Bishop makes our point for us.

Thank you, Mike, for telling it like it is. Glad to see you have come to your senses.

"There is just too much to loose," he said. "We cannot afford not to make payments to schools. We can't afford to take cops off the street. We cannot afford not to pay for the most vulnerable in health care. We would default on general obligation bonds which will send our credit rating lower than it is now.

Yes, how right you are! We have been saying this all along.

Now take a look at Bishop's list of cuts and tell me how he intends to pull this off without new revenue to fill the deficit we are running.

Truth is, he can't, and he knows it.

But, he's gonna fight, fight, fight for as long as he can on that one- seems that he is admitting that he is going to be an obstructionist. 

"It's not our position to raise taxes at this time and we're going to fight it as long as we possibly can and as hard as we possibly can."

He knows we need the revenue, or all of the above happens. He has backed himself into a corner because he wants it both ways. But hey- he's just being a Republican. What did you expect, responsibility?

For the good of the state, we need to save Mike from himself. Democrats need to take the decision out of his hands before his head explodes from the obvious contradictions he keeps making.

I know, I know, you want to pound him into the ground. Don't worry; we will get him next time around. He makes it so easy. ;-)