Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Senate Republican SOD for 9/5 : Who's your baby, Mike?

Couldn't let this one slide by.

It looks like Mike Bishop has abandoned his strategy of trying to drive a wedge between the House Democrats and the Governor- interesting because just a few short weeks ago he claimed the Governor was the problem here.

Now he is going after the House Democrats themselves.

The Rochester Republican said Democrats who hold a majority in the House are figuratively "in the fetal position sucking on their thumb" and not getting anything done.

Speaker Dillon, your thoughts on this comment?

Yeah, yeah, I know, both sides are trying to bait each other into being the first to... oh, I dunno... SAVE THE STATE or something... crazy as that may seem, but I think we might have reached another low point in Bishop's "race to the bottom" for this year's rhetoric on budget talks.

One can only hope anyway- but somehow these hopes keep getting dashed on the rocks of reality every time Bishop talks to the press.

Oh, and by the way, the Senate approved that $1 billion dollar tax break for business that we talked about last week, guaranteeing that somewhere down the road some other lawmakers will get to have the same kind of fun they are having now, and I'm left to wonder why Schauer, Clarke, Thomas, Barcia and Anderson voted for this...