Thursday, September 27, 2007

They are us

The blame game has started. Actually, it has been going on for quite some time, but it should reach a fever pitch here in the coming days.

One thing to remember in all of this- they are us.

We elected these people. Like it or not, they are a reflection of the public that put them there.

Some are blaming the Governor for not being tough enough to "marshal the troops", according to the Freep. Some are blaming the Republicans for being unreasonable, fanatical extremists. That would be me, but they are only doing what they have done for the past few years, and I didn't really expect anything different.

Today I hold Dillon and the House Democrats at fault for repeatedly saying they would do the job and then backing down. We needed to come out swinging after '06, and at both the national and the state level, the Democrats went back to playing it safe, testing the wind, and running from the 25% lunatic fringe that still thinks the war was a good idea and that we should destroy the government.

Say what you will about the Governor and the Republicans (and you KNOW I will be saying it about the Republicans)- at least they both put their money where their mouth is.

Granholm presented a plan months ago and has repeatedly urged these guys to get off the stick and counter it ever since. It is the legislature's job to present a budget. They haven't done it.

Bishop did put up his vote for cuts (although DeRoche chickened out on that end).

Dillon told us he would put up the votes and fight the battle, and he never did. If some in the Democratic Party want to excuse that, be my guest, but I cannot. Hey, if Dillon somehow pulls something off here, I will be the first to applaud, but as it stands now I feel betrayed in my faith that they would fight for this state.

So, that's me. All of that comes from where I am sitting, and yes I am playing the blame game too. We all are. Others will see it differently, as you know.

But ultimately, we, the people, are responsible for what is going on in Lansing. There is no getting around that. I'm going to continue to call it like I see it, and so will all the others I hope, but deep down I know the truth-

They are us.

Let's hope WE get it together today.