Friday, September 21, 2007

Why the Democrats need the six

Hearing a lot of talk about bipartisan cover being important for this to have a chance in the Senate. Part of me agrees with that, but in the end I still believe we need all the Democrats to do the right thing here and not worry about protecting their seats- because that is the only way we will get this magical bipartisan support.

Earlier today, in my shock, I asked this question -Did they think that by having those "contested" Dems vote no, that would entice the Pubs to vote yes?

The answer came later from the AP. Chris Ward, who bravely put his seat on the line and voted with the Democrats, now might switch his vote. Other Pubs were upset the Dems could protect their own, while they had to sacrifice.

So, the answer was no, the Pubs backed away when they saw that there were vulnerable Dems moving to protect themselves.

Can you blame them?

Ward, one of the House's highest-ranking Republicans, was upset with how Democratic leadership abruptly ended the session and said he might even be a "no" vote on the income tax proposal when voting resumes. Some other Republicans who could be "yes" votes on the tax increase aren't happy that Democrats appear to be protecting their own vulnerable members by letting them vote against the tax increase. Ward said session should have been kept going until the deal was pushed all the way through.

"The level of trust is really small right now," he said.

Dillon said he could put up 58 "yes" votes. I wonder. Why were they up as "no" if that is the case?

In a cruel twist of irony, the "no" votes gave DeRoche the bipartisan support HE needed.

The six Democrats need to take a tip from Chris Ward. Here is what he said he would do concerning his constituents-

Ward could put his political future at risk by supporting a tax increase in relatively conservative Livingston County. But he said earlier Friday morning that several of the cost-cutting proposals that were supposed to be part of a House deal would be important for the state, especially measures designed to put more money into schools.

"While my constituents won't be very happy about it in the short term, I think by the time the dust settles and they understand what this deal is all about, it will be something they can appreciate and support," Ward said before the agreement fell through.

You want bipartisan support Democrats? You have to stop worrying about protecting your vulnerable members and get them up to the table.

You are losing the media war out here. You are being perceived as a failure. Does not bode well for keeping the House.

Do the right thing. Vote for our state. You might even win over a few Republicans along the way.