Thursday, October 11, 2007

Back on the ballot?

Not sure this is a road we want to travel down. Would they just turn around and sue to get themselves off again?

Too many questions surround this potential move, if it's even possible at all.

Political leaders of both parties are pushing for the state Legislature to place the names of four Democratic presidential candidates back on the Jan. 15 primary ballot, trying to undo the damage to Michigan's political clout when the candidates removed their names from consideration this week.

Democratic National Committee member Debbie Dingell and state GOP Chairman Saul Anuzis both support the idea; Anuzis said today the Republican leaders of both chambers of the Legislature are on board.

Dillon is unsure...

"There are individuals who are looking into whether that is even a possibility from a legal standpoint," Bird said. "From the speaker's standpoint, I don't believe he has signed on. I don't think we want to comment further until we know if this is legally possible to do."

... and Dingell is rarin' to go.

"We have to be prepared to play hardball," said Dingell, the wife of U.S. Rep John Dingell, D-Dearborn, and a prime mover in the bid to challenge Iowa and New Hampshire.

Wonder if Mark Brewer has developed an ulcer from this yet.