Tuesday, October 16, 2007

MDP releases radio ad No. 2 - "Unity"

Good deal.

Here's the text-

Ever notice, whenever tough decisions have already been made, there's always someone who sits on the sidelines, criticizing, and complaining? Take the budget crisis. Now the Republican Party is complaining, and criticizing, nd running negative ads. The same state Republican leaders who wanted to slash nearly two billion dollars from education and health care, and cut police and firefighters?  Their inaction threatened to shut down the government. So what did it take to solve the budget crisis? Strong, straightforward leadership. Governor Granholm inherited a budget deficit and a tough economy but she didn't complain.  She brought leaders from both parties together and together they hammered out a solution that balanced the budget - and it will only cost taxpayers pennies a day. Complaining never solved a problem. Leaders do. And that's why the Michigan Democratic State Central Committee is proud to have paid for this message.

Listen to it here. And just for fun, put the word "Craig" at the end of every sentence.

Love this guy's voice.

Speaking of the complaining, criticizing and negative Republican Party, it should be noted that spokesman Bill Nowling has now twice admitted that, for the Republicans, the recalls have nothing to do with you, and everything to do with trying to take back the House.

They don't even care what happens to their own members. Check out the answer to the question as to whether they would help the Republican Senators- from last night's MIRS-

The MRP was very active in its opposition to any tax increase. MRP Spokesman Bill NOWLING gave the following statement when asked if the MRP would offer any support to the three Republican senators threatened by recalls from the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance.

"We are going to be active in the Democratic recalls against Democrats to the extent that we see an opportunity to pick up and add to our seats in the House," he said.

Citizens of Michigan? Who cares! It's all about getting back the majority for Bill. Amazingly enough, he even makes Matt Marsden look good.

"The Michigan taxpayers and (recall organizer) Leon DROLET like to play politics and in this case, they're playing a dangerous game with three Republicans who stood up in order to move the legislative process forward," Marsden said.

No, Matt, it's your own party playing politics, playing this dangerous game and leaving your boss on his own to defend your people.

Must suck to be a Republican.